Evalee Schwarz was the personification of leadership, entrepreneurialism and the philanthropic spirit. Though devastated by her husband’s death in 1984, Evalee rose above her grief and channeled her energies into mastering the intricacies of managing an automobile dealership. The considerable skills she acquired and exhibited throughout her professional life earned her a place in an elite minority when she was chosen by the Hyundai Corporation to be the first woman to acquire one of their dealerships in the United States.

Evalee Schwarz, though childless in life, is survived by the many students who have benefited, and will continue to benefit by her generosity as a result of the creation of the Evalee C. Schwarz Charitable Trust for Education upon her death. Through the repayment of these interest-free loans, the students have the opportunity to perpetuate her benevolence by reaching down and helping others as they, themselves, have been helped by Evalee. The immeasurable impact that she will have on their lives, as well as the impact that their successes will have on the lives of others, will only serve to further enhance her legacy.



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